CricInfo — LG has announced a VR headset for its next flagship smartphone.

The LG G6, which is due out this summer, is the first device that will support the Oculus Rift, which Oculus announced last year.

The LG G5 headset that was launched back in February was the first VR headset to support the HTC Vive, but it did not include the HTC VR Controller.LG is also releasing a VR controller that will be available in the G6 headset.LG said it will also release a “digital motion controller” for the G5 and G6 that will allow users to use their phone’s virtual and augmented reality apps.

Users can create their own experiences and use the VR controller in a variety of ways, including shooting games, VR films, games, music and sports.

The G6’s headset comes in three sizes, with the biggest version being the 2-inch size.

Users will need to order the “larger” headset, which costs $349.