ESPN’s Chris Broussard discusses how digital product delivery will change the NBA.

The topic is at the forefront of the league’s discussions on how it will deliver its content, and the changes that have been proposed by teams, the NBA Players Association and some of its most powerful players.

Broussar notes that the NBA is looking to offer its digital product to fans through social, social media and other channels.

“I think the NBA has really made this a really strong case to get more fans in the seats,” Brouessard said.

“The social media platforms that are already doing that, like Snapchat and Instagram, are starting to gain traction, and that’s the same thing that was happening with the basketball league.”

Basketball League: The New The NBA has proposed a new model for digital product sales that would allow teams to sell more content to fans via social media, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms.

BrouSSard says that the league has received “overwhelming feedback” from its players, who have asked the league to consider expanding its digital distribution.

NBA digital product in action.

The league has been working on the model since the summer of 2018, and BrouSard says the team is currently “working on a draft of what we want to implement and the best way to deliver that product to the fan.”

“We are working very hard to find the right digital content that works for our fans,” Broughssard said, noting that the digital product will “help us sell more merchandise, more basketballs and more merchandise.”

The NBA also is looking at expanding its existing digital content strategy to more platforms and platforms, including its social media channels and its NBA Mobile app.

The league has already worked with a number of other sports leagues to offer their content in ways that mimic the NBA’s digital model.

According to a draft memo shared with ESPN by a source with knowledge of the discussions, the league is considering launching a new digital product called “NBA TV,” which would allow fans to watch the NBA games live via NBA TV.

The memo also indicates that the “NBA app” could be the new home for the league-produced content, which would be available through NBA TV, as well as through the NBA League Pass app.

BrouSSord notes that there are some hurdles that the new digital offerings will face.

The draft memo says that while “digital content has been an essential part of our league since it first launched,” the league will need to find a way to stream the league games to fans.

The NBA has also acknowledged that the current digital distribution model for the NBA “is not working,” and is looking for ways to increase its digital footprint and increase its “capacity.”

NBA league insider: NBA’s ‘Bully Pulpit’ to become digital presence in new arenaThis article was originally published at 11:50 a.m.

ET on Feb. 9, 2018.

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