Google is offering an “inspiratory” alternative to the online marketplace Ebay.

The search giant said Tuesday that it is developing its own digital product owner platform, Gumroad, which would allow product owners to sell their goods directly to consumers.

The platform would be designed to help users buy goods on other platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and other online retailers, but with a much greater degree of transparency.

Gumroad will also allow users to “trade directly with other product owners on the Gumroad platform,” the company said.

The announcement comes after Amazon and other major online retailers announced plans last month to shut down some of their eBay-like services to make way for an alternative online marketplace. 

The news of Gumroad comes as Amazon is also working on an alternative marketplace, but the move has not yet taken place.

The Amazon marketplace is a direct competitor to eBay, which is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. 

According to Google, GumRoad would be able to connect users with other online product owners by enabling “a single interface for a group of sellers, each able to provide a different service, such as a shop for one type of product, a community for another type of products, and a marketplace for products that have specific features, such a specific price point or specific feature sets.” 

Gumroad’s “inspiration” comes from Amazon’s decision to close its online marketplace, according to Google. 

“While Amazon is shutting down a few of its products, Gumrways is an inspiration for many online product owner, because we have a great user base that can connect, share ideas, and sell their products in an open marketplace,” Google said.

“So, with Gumroad in place, we can build a marketplace that’s built for sellers, for buyers, and for the community that we are building.” 

The Gumroad website will also be open to developers. 

Grumroad will feature a “gallery” section where product owners can submit their products to be displayed on the platform, with the ability to create a video and even sell items on the site.

Users can also share products with other users, though the site will only allow users with the “verified” badge, which requires a membership in the GumRoad service.