“The guy who plays the Joker said ‘I have a new TV project.

Let’s make it a TV show.'”—Matt Walsh, Gotham actor, via Instagram caption “I have had this dream.

I have a TV project,” he captioned a photo of himself with his new show Gotham.

“Let’s make a show that I can be proud of.

I will be there in the next year or so.

We will do a lot of new stuff.

I can’t say anything more right now.

It’s still a work in progress.

It is the first step in the process, but I can tell you I have had the dream.”

The actor said that he had also been approached about a role in a Netflix animated series based on the Dark Knight comics.

He did not specify which series he was interested in, but his comment could suggest a potential role in the animated series or a spinoff series.

Walsh, who plays a character called “Bert,” has appeared in numerous films including the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In his Instagram post, Walsh said that his new TV series, Gotham, will take place in a city that is similar to Gotham City in the comics.

Gotham will feature “new and old friends,” he wrote.

“The Joker said “I will have a tv show.

“I have have a good idea of the project.

I think we have a great team.

Let us put the pieces together and see if we can make it happen,” he added.

The actor, who is playing a character known as the Joker on Gotham, did not reveal what his new project will be called or the name of the show.

But he did offer an update on the actor’s status with the studio.

“I am in production.

I am working on a TV series with Netflix,” he said.

“The project will not be called Gotham but will be named Gotham.”

Walsh said that it would be his first TV series and that he was excited about working with Netflix.

He said that the actor is “excited” about the opportunity.

“Netflix is one of the most exciting and innovative media companies in the world.

We have a fantastic team.

I’ve known Matt for years.

I know what he does, I respect him,” Walsh said.

Wadsworth, who also starred in the hit NBC series Hannibal, recently starred in “Dancing With the Stars” season 11.

He is currently in post-production on a drama series based in the American West.