The tech giant has spent more than $2 billion on digital advertising, and it’s used its enormous power to take control of how we communicate, and where we work.

We’re about to learn how the company has taken control of a huge part of our lives, and what it’s trying to accomplish.

The story of Google’s digital transformation starts with the search giant.

Google is a company that’s built an internet that is, essentially, a digital highway.

The idea is that by connecting people together in a seamless way, a single entity is able to drive the world forward, as long as we have a way to share the data.

Google’s advertising platform is called AdSense.

This is where advertisers can target ads to specific search queries, with the goal of getting more users to visit their sites.

But the problem with AdSense is that it doesn’t work well for all kinds of people, or even people in the same country.

And Google wants to fix that.

In 2016, Google bought YouTube, a popular YouTube-like platform that allows you to watch videos that are posted in a variety of countries.

Google has long been interested in using its power to make YouTube more relevant to people who aren’t in the United States.

YouTube has an ad-supported model that gives you a chance to pay for ads.

You can see some of the ads that YouTube has posted on its platforms.

In 2018, the company announced a plan called “Project Bouncer,” which aims to make video ads more relevant for those who don’t live in the U.S. The goal was to reach the very people who might be using YouTube but aren’t really interested in YouTube, and who would benefit from seeing ads more often.

The company also began offering sponsored videos to people in countries that don’t allow advertisers to post their ads there.

At first, the ads were pretty boring, but over time, Google has started using them as a way for people in other countries to watch its videos.

Advertisers can pay to have ads on YouTube, as well as get more targeted advertising.

Google also partnered with some of its biggest names to get more ads to people.

The result has been a major change in how we watch video.

We watch more videos, and we see more ads on those videos.

So far, the companies that Google has bought are all companies that specialize in YouTube.

But Google is still expanding into other markets, like Facebook.

In 2017, Google announced that it would buy Instagram for $1.4 billion.

Instagram is an online photo-sharing platform.

The Instagram app is a popular way for users to share photos and videos.

The platform lets users upload and share their photos, and lets them make friends.

As of June 2018, Instagram had about 100 million monthly active users.

At the time, Instagram was still developing its app and wasn’t widely available.

That didn’t stop Facebook from launching an app that offered similar features, called Facebook Live.

Facebook has been rolling out the feature since 2016, and now it’s available to users in over 20 countries, including the U, U.K., Germany, Spain, France, and many others.

The app allows users to post photos, video, and music to their friends, and users can also comment on photos and posts.

Users can see more information about what the photo and video show and share with friends.

Facebook also has apps that let people see photos and video from other users.

The main difference between Instagram and Facebook Live is that Instagram is a social network and Facebook is a media company.

It’s the difference between a Facebook and a Twitter account.

The social network is designed to help users connect with others, while Facebook’s app is more about giving users the tools to connect with friends and make connections.

But even with the two companies competing for the same user base, the new Facebook app has gotten far more users than Instagram.

By 2018, Facebook was getting about 50 million monthly users, which is about 15 million more users per day than Instagram had.

And the Instagram app now has about 250 million monthly user accounts.

But Facebook’s growth hasn’t been a big surprise to many.

After the social network launched, many of its features had to be developed to get them onto Instagram.

For example, users had to create a profile and make friends with others who had similar interests.

The new app was designed to make it easier for users of Instagram to create and share profiles and to create connections with people in real time.

Facebook was also working on an app called My News Feed, which would allow users to easily share their favorite photos, videos, GIFs, and other content on Facebook.

But it wasn’t clear how Facebook would monetize those new features.

And as Facebook’s users have grown, so too have the ads it’s putting on its mobile apps.

The companies also have different business models for advertising on their platforms.

Facebook is making money from its ad networks. This

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