By Alex Bilton, BBC News Digital editorA lot of the digital products we use are on sale or available for purchase through Amazon, Apple and Google.

But many of these are not the same as the products that we buy online.

Here’s how to find the best digital products available in the UK.

Top digital productsA list of the best online retail outlets to shop for digital products, from online retail to online gift shops.

Top UK online retailersThe UK has a large number of online retailers that sell a range of products, ranging from digital games to clothing, toys and books.

But what we do not have the same access to are the major online retailers, like Amazon and Apple.

Amazon UKA big winner from the Brexit vote is, which has seen a surge in sales after the Brexit referendum, and is now offering its own range of digital products.

Amazon has been particularly successful in recent years with its Kindle range, which can be used to stream video, read ebooks and download games.

Top books and ebooksThe UK’s top books and magazines are available through the likes of the Telegraph, Guardian and New Statesman.

The best UK online shopping outletsAmazon UK offers a wide range of books and digital products from both the Telegraph and Guardian, and from the New Statesmen, the Independent, the Guardian, Times and the Observer.

Top newspapersAmazon UK has one of the largest online libraries of newspapers in the world, with more than 1.2 million titles available to browse, with thousands of daily and weekly editions of The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Top magazinesThe Guardian is the most popular online magazine, with 1.5 million titles and online editions of the Guardian Online, The Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times and most of The Sunday Express.

Top TV channelsThe BBC has a massive digital library, with a huge number of TV programmes available for download, with BBC One and BBC Two, the BBC One HD channel and BBC iPlayer.

Top music and videoThe BBC, ITV and Sky have a vast array of music and music videos available for sale on their websites, with the BBC iplayer and BBC Music offering music, TV and film streaming, plus music, video and more.

Top fashion and fashion accessoriesTop fashion, clothing and accessories can be found through the online shops of Topshop and Forever21.

Top online shopsThere are plenty of great online shops selling the best products online, and you can shop for them by searching for their brand name.

However, many of the online retailers are often more than just the best in their field, with sites offering discounts or discounts on branded items or products.

Here are some of the top online retailers for clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor and more, based on sales from last financial year.

Top clothing and shoesTop brands include Calvin Klein, H&M, Adidas, Dior, Givenchy and Zara.

Top accessoriesTop online retailers include Bose, Dyson, Elomi, Dettol, Hermes, Nike, Old Navy, Zara, Paul Smith and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Top accessoriesTop designer and fashion brands include Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Primavera and Valentino.

Top home decorThe UK is home to a vast number of great home decor stores.

The UK’s home decor industry is a big source of income for many of our retailers.

Top clothes and home decorIn addition to clothing and home décor, there are plenty more online stores that sell other fashion, home decoration and home improvement products, including fashion and home furnishings, and accessories.

Top electronicsThe UK was once home to one of its largest electronics brands, with its own online store and a huge range of popular products, like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and more..

Top electronics retailers and storesThe UK and the UK-based electronics industry are also home to many great online retailers.

Top brands include Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips and more…

Top gamesIn addition, there is also a thriving online game marketplace, with many of its popular games available for a wide variety of platforms, from mobile to consoles and PCs.

Top gamesOnline games, particularly games for smartphones and tablets, are a big part of the growing digital gaming scene in the country.

There are plenty available for mobile, consoles and tablets.

Top films and televisionThe UK offers plenty of fantastic online video and live event content.

Many of the biggest films and TV series are available to stream on YouTube, and there are also many of them available for free to stream to your TV or mobile device.

Top movies and TVThe UK also has plenty of high-quality TV series available online, with such hit shows as The Office, Doctor Who, Black Mirror and South Park available to watch on the BBC’s iPlayer service.

Top podcasts and radioThe UK hosts a huge selection of podcasts, radio and music, including podcasts from the BBC and the BBC Radio

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