Digital camera manufacturers are now selling digital cameras with a fake camera.

We’ve all seen the ones with the white plastic body, the cheap rubber lens and a cheap camera stand.

But what if the camera itself is a fake?

Digital camera producers are now buying fake cameras with cameras that are actually made by a company that has a monopoly on the camera industry.

We talked to some of the companies involved to learn more about how the fake cameras are made.

The new fake cameras that will be on the market are manufactured by Digital Motion, Inc. (DMI).

The company’s website says it produces “top quality” digital cameras and other digital cameras “for a wide range of consumer products and applications.”

But when we talked to the company about the cameras, it made it clear that these are only made for its digital cameras.

The company claims to be the “leading manufacturer of high quality digital camera accessories.”

DMI makes some of its own digital cameras, but it does not produce any of the other models of digital cameras that were previously sold by other companies.

When we asked the company if it makes any of its cameras for other brands of cameras, we got this reply:We can’t verify the authenticity of the products on this website.

However, if you have a genuine DMI Digital Motion camera, please send us photos of the product and we will get back to you with the exact model number.