Digital music production (DMP) is a great way to use your Mac Pro to produce digital music in the most effective way possible.

Here’s how to use it to create music for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and more.1.

Set up a virtual production studio2.

Select a virtual recording studio3.

Create the track4.

Import the track into your DMP project5.

Export the track6.

Upload your tracks to iTunes or other digital storage services7.

Save the track to your computer or to a USB flash drive.

If you need to export your tracks later, use a USB cable or USB thumb drive.8.

Export your tracks on your Mac and export them to other apps or devices.9.

Upload the tracks to SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud’s own app, Soundcloud Pro, SoundExchange, and many others.10.

Upload audio from your digital music collection to your DMA (Digital Audio Workstation).

You can even export the tracks as MP3 files to be played on a USB stick or a USB thumbdrive.11.

Upload sound files to any MP3 player, including iTunes, VLC, and Audacity.12.

Upload a song to YouTube or SoundCloud.13.

Upload any audio to your iPod touch.14.

Upload photos and videos to your iPad and iPod touch to create your music videos.15.

Upload music from your iPhone to your Mac.16.

Upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and others.