Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, has a new tablet that it hopes will be the perfect fit for its iPad line, as well as a new e-reader that could be an interesting entry into the tablet market.

The new iPad, which will go on sale in March, comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, a 12-inch touchscreen, a built in accelerometer, a 4K display, and a 1.4GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor.

The device, which is called the Ikeacope, comes in three sizes: a 15-inch, 17-inch and 22-inch model.

The larger model, priced at $299, will include Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a GPS and a camera.

The tablet comes with three storage options: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

The Kindle is the more affordable model with a 256GB storage option.

There is also a $60 app for iPad that can stream content from the iPad to the Kindle’s screen.

The company says that the new tablet is capable of playing HD video, streaming music, playing photos and videos and playing photos, videos and photos on the Kindle.

There are two versions of the iPad that will go into stores in March.

The $499 Ikea iPad will have a larger display and also come with Wi-FI, a camera, and will come with the Apple TV 4K model.

Ikea says that it is targeting a fall launch of the new iPad.

The other new tablet in the Ikeas lineup is a new iPad Pro, which includes a new Intel Atom chipset, 12-core CPU, an 8-megapixel camera, 64GB of storage, and comes with Wi.

Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

It also comes with an 8GB RAM option.

The iPad Pro is priced at a whopping $599.

The Apple TV is also available now and it will be available for purchase in March with a $149 price tag.

The Ikea tablet is the second Ikea product that has a built on Intel Atom platform.

The first product is the Ikeabox tablet.

The second new tablet announced today is the Apple Book Air, which also comes in two sizes.

The 4K Apple TV version of the Ikeahote is available now for $329 and the iPad Pro 4K is available for $549.

Both products come with built-up Wi-Faces, an accelerometer and a 4k screen.

Ikeas tablets can be pre-ordered on Amazon.com for $499.

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