Israeli TV ad released on Thursday features an elderly Palestinian woman and her family, all wearing a headscarf, and says, “I’m Palestinian.”

The advertisement is part of a new push by Israel to highlight the “Palestinian people” and “their struggle” in the wake of the Israeli military’s recent military operation in the West Bank.

The ad is part on of an advertising blitz that Israel is preparing for its upcoming legislative session, which will be held from January to March.

The ad is based on a Palestinian-made digital product catalog, which is aimed at Israeli advertisers.

The catalog includes digital products designed to promote Israeli identity.

The advertisement, which aired on Israeli Channel 10, was filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem.

It features an old woman in a hijab and her children and grandchildren, all in traditional Palestinian garb.

The woman is heard saying, “There is no difference between me and the Palestinians.”

The ad also features a young man in a white jacket, wearing a traditional black cap, and holding a long sword.

The poster also includes a quote from the late Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin.

“The Arabs have always said that a state for the Arabs will never be a state of its own,” Begin said.

“Israel’s solution is to divide the country between Israelis and Palestinians, with the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

They have a right to self-determination.

This is the way we have always thought.”

Begin’s speech is believed to have been written for the video.

Israel is trying to portray the campaign as an inclusive one, rather than a cynical one, as it has with previous campaigns by the government, including one launched by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year, in which he called for the expulsion of all Palestinian refugees.

Last month, the government launched a new advertising campaign to highlight Israel’s “values and its history.”

It is set to begin airing on January 16.

Israel’s advertising industry is expected to see a 10 percent increase in sales this year, according to Israel Advertising Research, a Tel Aviv-based consultancy that focuses on media and advertising.