By Dan Shaughnessy | NFL Digital is the digital division of the NFL Players Association.

In 2017, the NFLPA announced the creation of NFL Digital, a division that will serve as a “super-team” of the league’s digital teams and digital platforms to develop, implement, and manage NFL digital platforms. 

As we continue to work with the NFL and the NFL Digital team, we are excited to share the most recent digital news, insights and trends that will help us make our games, content, and digital offerings more compelling, relevant and engaging for our fans.

In 2017, NFL Digital announced a series of strategic investments and strategic partnerships to better serve the fans of the National Football League and the game of football in general.

These include: $1.5 billion in digital investment from the NFL to help us deliver more engaging content and experiences across all digital platforms, including digital channels and devices; $2 billion in new content and digital platform investments across all platforms to help drive our audience growth and our business; additional digital content and platform investments to help our teams and players grow; more than $100 million in investments to further our business strategy and our digital initiatives; and more than $300 million in digital advertising to support the NFL, and other brands and media organizations. 

In addition, we recently launched a new initiative, Digital Media Awards, which will help recognize our digital successes.

The Digital Awards will award $10,000 to the best in-game content and content from NFL and NFL Digital and other digital platforms and events, including new games, games on the move, and live event offerings.

We will be showcasing the best and most innovative content from the league and NFLDigital, as well as our partners and our players.

The winners of the Digital Awards, announced this week, will be announced in May 2018. 

For the 2017 season, the Digital Award will be named after the game that kicked off the 2016 season and the week that marks the first day of the 2018 NFL season.

The NFL Digital Superteam will be comprised of five teams that have been named as finalists for the 2017 Digital Awards: The New York Giants: $2.9 billion investment to launch NFL Digital in 2017, including a $1.9 million investment to support digital platforms including NFL Mobile; The Los Angeles Rams: $1 billion investment for a partnership with EA SPORTS to provide a live stream of the Rams home opener at Levi’s Stadium on Sept. 11; Los Angeles Raiders: $800 million investment for new digital platforms across the league to help increase our audience and our brand; Detroit Lions: $400 million investment in a new digital platform to drive new growth and engagement; Green Bay Packers: $200 million investment into a new platform to support our team and its fans; San Francisco 49ers: $75 million investment, to launch a new NFL Digital platform to promote local and regional NFL content and events; Indianapolis Colts: $60 million investment through EA SPORTS in support of the team’s social media strategy.

The Giants’ $2 billion investment will help the NFL build and develop new digital technologies and products that enhance our fans’ experience with our games and the players’ experience on the field.

The $2 million investment will also support a $500 million investment by the NFL through a partnership to create a global, cross-platform digital platform.

The Giants will be the first team to be named finalists for Digital Awards since the Lions in 2012. 

The Rams’ $1 million investment is the most in-depth investment in the league for a single franchise.

This is a partnership between the Rams and EA SPORTS, which creates a unique opportunity for the Rams to expand their digital footprint and reach a larger audience through digital channels like the NFL Mobile platform.

This will allow the Rams, in partnership with the league, to reach a broader audience, and help grow the league in new and important ways.

The Rams are the first franchise to be chosen for the award. 

Detroit’s $800,000 investment is part of a $300,000 grant to the Lions’ media and digital operations to help support a new global NFL Digital program to grow the team and reach more fans and advertisers.

The Lions are the only team in the NFL not to have received a formal announcement of the 2017 digital award, but the Lions have already announced the winners of both the 2017 and 2018 awards. 

New York’s $400,000 deal with EA Sports will build on the team-wide digital strategy that has been implemented since the 2017 Lions and will help deliver a significant portion of the new content on the Lions platform and through the NFL’s other digital offerings.

EA Sports is a leading global media and entertainment partner, and it is an opportunity for our partners to partner with a leading NFL digital company like the Rams.

The addition of EA Sports, along with the Rams’ commitment to an enhanced platform,