The American Digital Association (ADEA) is hosting a digital redesign event this week to discuss how to improve the digital signage industry and the role of digital product design.

ADEA’s CEO, Brian DeMarco, says the event is about making sure the digital world is more than a box office success story.

“Digital is a major business for the economy, but it’s also a critical element of the economic future of America,” he says.

“A digital landscape is critical for jobs, education, commerce, health care, and so much more.”

ADEA, which was formed in 2000, represents the digital and design industries and helps businesses and the public understand how digital products are made, marketed, and sold.

According to ADEA chief executive Brian DeLuca, digital products have become a critical component of American life.

“When you look at the way people interact with digital products, the design of the products and the interaction between the product and the user, it’s no longer just a product,” DeMarco says.

“[It’s] the most critical digital asset on the planet, and it’s a business for millions of Americans and tens of millions of businesses.”

The event will take place from June 12-15 in Los Angeles, and will be streamed live on

ADA’s digital redesign conference is one of the ADEA-sponsored conferences.

Last year, the association hosted a digital marketing conference called Digital Business 101, in which participants learned how to sell their digital products and get their brand out there.

This year, ADEA will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Digital Marketing Summit, a conference designed to help the digital industry thrive.

It also brings together industry leaders and digital entrepreneurs.

According the ADAA’s website, the digital marketing summit was created by a group of industry leaders who “agreed that the digital business was the most important digital asset of the 21st century.”

“ADEA will continue to bring the conference to the next level as we celebrate its 20th Anniversary,” DeLucas says.

To learn more about the ADBA, visit its website.

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