The first real-world product blueprint is already in the hands of developers.

A team of developers at the company that owns the company behind the new digital product lab, Digital Product Labs, have created a new digital marketing platform that allows developers to create digital product demos for their products, according to a new blog post.

The ‘digital products’ that the company plans to launch include: a new platform for designers to create video content for the company’s new digital content portal, Digital Content Lab, the new mobile application, and the company is also planning to launch a new online video production service.

The Digital Product Lab is also launching a new app called ‘Digital Content Maker’ to help developers create new content for their existing digital content portals, according the blog post, which was published by Digital Product Studios on Tuesday.

The company also plans to start a ‘new digital product platform’ called Digital Product Studio that will offer “a platform for creative professionals to create their own creative content.”

Digital Product Studios co-founder and CEO Jason Loeffler said in a statement that the team is “delighted” with the success of the project and that it is a “good step towards bringing the next step forward.”

“With a lot of talented people working together, we hope to create some exciting new content opportunities for our audience,” he added.