Posted June 23, 2018 17:33:55 Australian producers who have been critical of the new Digital Economy Act are being advised to “go back” to basics.

Key points:The digital economy is now an important part of Australian culture, with film, music and broadcast producers taking a leadership roleSource: ABC News Digital articleA new draft of the Digital Economy Bill has been tabled by the Australian Government, but it is not expected to pass the Senate until the middle of next year.

It is expected to be amended by the Coalition to expand copyright protections to include “digital content”, but critics have warned that it would leave the country with a digital economy that is more “politically correct” than it is “broadly applicable”.

“The bill is not about copyright, it’s about a broad range of things including a digital environment,” Industry Minister Brendan Nelson said.

“It’s about creating the best digital environment in Australia.”

“It will give copyright holders more power over their content and what is available for free.”

So in that respect, the Digital Bill is a little bit like the Copyright Act of 1909 which was designed to give the people more control over the use of the Internet.

“But the Coalition says the Digital Act is a “much better deal” for Australian businesses, and that it is a step in the right direction.”

There’s a good argument to be made that there’s been a significant shift in the digital landscape,” Coalition Communications Minister Jason Clare said.

He added that while the digital economy has been an important element of Australian life for a long time, it has become more politicised in recent years.”

In particular, there has been a focus on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter which are creating a political environment which is not necessarily conducive to good quality, independent journalism,” Mr Clare said in a speech last year.”

And, if we want to be a truly vibrant economy, we need to create a digital world where people can contribute to our society.”‘

You’ll be in trouble’The Coalition has been under pressure to scrap the Digital Commerce Act, which would have allowed ISPs to block access to sites with “anti-competitive” content.

But that was a major sticking point for some of the industry’s most vocal members.”

The Digital Commerce Bill is just an exercise in government making sure that the government can legislate on a subject like this,” one industry minister told the ABC.”

You won’t be in a lot of trouble.

“We will be in favour of the digital environment, but that’s not going to be something we can support at this point.”

What we need is to have the Australian Digital Economy, and we’re not going there.””

We have a lot to lose if we don’t have the right people in government.

“The Digital Economy Legislation Amendment Bill is being tabled in the Senate by Labor MP David Leyonhjelm.

But the government says that the amendment would not give the copyright holders power to censor sites, nor would it allow them to ban the “free speech” of the “most vocal” groups.”

I am very disappointed that the Government are seeking to legislate a bill that would give ISPs the power to block websites,” Mr Leyonch’s Communications Minister Anthony Albanese said.”[That] would allow them a licence to block content.

“But industry groups say the bill is “far from comprehensive”.”

I think it’s a very, very broad bill, it covers almost everything in the Digital economy and the digital rights management regime,” Media and Entertainment Australia CEO Andrew Hager said.


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