Digital products have been an important pillar of the Trudeau government’s strategy to make Canada the world’s largest digital market by 2020.

With digital technology expanding into more areas of the economy and beyond, we need to be better at making sure Canadians can use their devices and digital products to get the most value out of their money.

For example, we know that Canadians use a lot of mobile apps.

As a result, the Canadian economy needs to continue to evolve to take advantage of this new market, which has the potential to create billions of dollars of economic activity.

But the Trudeau administration needs to put more focus on digital product innovation to ensure that Canadians get the best value from their digital purchases, especially if they are the first in line when it comes to making purchases online.

Canada is in the midst of a massive digital transformation.

In fact, Canada is one of the world leaders in digital innovation.

As we work to deliver on our goal of a digital economy of tomorrow, we must invest in the digital infrastructure necessary to make sure Canadians get value from digital purchases.

This is why the government is investing more than $2 billion over the next five years to modernize Canada’s public and private digital services.

In addition, the Trudeau Government has committed $10 million to a new digital infrastructure program to provide more than 1,000 Canadian companies with the tools and support they need to deliver digital services to Canadians.

We are making great progress.

However, we have yet to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The digital transformation is coming, but it won’t happen overnight.

It will take years, and we must continue to take the necessary steps to ensure we are doing all we can to ensure Canadians have access to the best digital services available.

This will require the continued investment of government, and the creation of an infrastructure and business model that delivers the right services to the right Canadians.

In the coming months, we will be discussing these issues with Canadians and the private sector, and will continue to look to the private and public sectors to help us to make the right decisions in order to ensure the digital transformation continues to be successful.

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