RTE 1.00 Ireland’s first visit to the Republic was in 1922, when the then-president was forced to flee to a Dublin hotel after being beaten by a mob.

The second visit was in 1960, when Irish Prime Minister Charles Goodluck signed the Treaty of Goodluck and Lao Tzu.

But while there was some tension between the two countries during that period, they have not yet seen each other in a fight.

Last year, Ireland hosted the Republic’s annual summit in Tallinn, Estonia, and, according to reports in the Irish press, they will again go head-to-head this year.

“There is no doubt that they will have a great relationship and we look forward to the chance to see them again in 2021,” said Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Sport, Brendan Howlin, during the first meeting between the Irish and Republic leaders in 2017.

Ireland’s tourism department said in a statement: “Tourism is a major industry in Ireland and we are confident that a visit by the Republic will be a memorable experience for Irish visitors.”