Amazon is being forced to ditch its voice assistant that sells digital products, in a major blow to the e-tailer.

Amazon’s Amazon Echo, the most powerful voice-controlled product in its e-store, has been sold off to third-party sellers on eBay and other online retailers.

The move is a huge blow to Amazon’s struggling e-shop business, which has struggled to find new customers and sustain its business.

Amazon declined to comment.

But a source close to the company says that it is closing Amazon Echo sales in most of its Amazon Prime Day sales, a move that Amazon says is designed to give the ecommerce giant “more flexibility” to expand its offerings and broaden its reach.

The source, who is familiar with Amazon’s thinking, said Amazon Echo will be discontinued in its Amazon Day sales.

Amazon Echo in the US, UK, France and other markets, will not be able to sell Echo products on Amazon Prime, but it will still be able sell Amazon Prime-branded products on other online shopping platforms.

It will also continue to sell Amazon’s Echo speakers and Alexa-enabled devices.

The Echo was announced in 2017 as the “most powerful voice assistant” ever created.

Amazon also is cutting ties with its original retail partner, Zappos, in which it has a 50-50 partnership.

In May, Zellers said it was closing its doors after a $3 billion deal that ended in 2019.