When it comes to the iPhone, Apple has the edge in the smartphone game.

It’s also a company that has built a reputation for being able to deliver a product at the highest quality and with the most features.

And the new iPhone 8 is likely to do just that.

But is it worth the premium?

The iPhone 8 isn’t the first iPhone to feature a high-end display.

Its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus, featured a 5.5-inch display.

But the iPhone is more than just a screen.

The display on the iPhone has become one of its key selling points.

It’s hard to argue that the iPhone doesn’t offer the best display in a smartphone, and that’s why its price tag is so high.

But what if the display on your phone is too big?

What if it’s too bright?

How much screen do you need?

This is where the display comes into play.

The iPhone 8’s screen is 4,800 pixels wide by 2,560 pixels tall, or 13.5 inches by 5 inches.

But that doesn’t mean the phone can’t handle the display.

There are plenty of ways to use the display, and there are also ways to not use it.

Here are four ways you can make the iPhone even brighter.1.

Brighten up your screen with a dark mask.

You don’t have to use a mask for this trick.

You can just place the mask directly over your display, turning it off.2.

Set the iPhone to sleep.

To help reduce the screen brightness, hold down the Home button and the Power button for a few seconds until the screen turns off.

This should bring the iPhone back to normal brightness.3.

Reduce screen brightness with a black mask.

This is the trickiest, and probably the most effective, method of turning the iPhone’s display off.

You’ll need a black light bulb, a flashlight, or a regular dimmer switch.

The dimmer function is hidden from view.

To set it up, select the lightbulb or flashlight, and then press the Power switch.

This will light up the screen and turn it off completely.4.

Increase brightness with an LED light.

To brighten up the display with a single LED, hold the Power and Home buttons down for a moment.

The LED light will light and flash, then the Power/Home buttons will dim the screen, turning the display off entirely.5.

Increase screen brightness again with a regular mask.

To dim the display again, press the Home and Power buttons for a couple of seconds, then press and hold the power button until the LED turns off completely, then release it.

The brightness of the display will remain the same.

To set it all up, hold Down the Home, Power, and Home keys together and then release the Power, Home, and Power keys.

You will be able to adjust the brightness of each screen individually.